Janice + Mike { Married | 9.6.14 }

The first time that we met Janice + Mike was on their engagement shoot in Baltimore. We instantly fell in love with their adorable puppy, Rugby. When we arrived back in Baltimore last month to photograph their wedding day, the first question we asked was, “Where’s Rugby?” Janice showed mixed feelings of happiness that we remembered the third member of their family but also extremely sad that the museum they were going to get married at did not allow pets 😦

Nevertheless, this was a luxurious wedding held at the renowned Walters Art Museum. We truly enjoyed capturing the love and friendship that this couple shared together. Special thanks to Ken Pak Photography for the opportunity to shoot this wedding with him!

JM-11 JM-19 JM-26 JM-54 JM-71 JM-73 JM-112 JM-111 JM-149 JM-165 JM-170 JM-208 JM-197 JM-182JM-269 JM-267 JM-214JM-309JM-281 JM-344 JM-376 JM-334 JM-329


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