Sarah + Jonathan {Married| 06.21.14}


Not only did we have the privilege of photographing their engagement photos, we also go to capture Sarah and Jonathan’s big day! As usual, the couple was so effortlessly natural. Sarah was glowing even more than she normally does, and Jonathan’s giant smile was out of control.

sj621-003 sj621-005 sj621-009 sj621-012 sj621-014 sj621-016 sj621-018 sj621-020 sj621-027 sj621-030 sj621-036 sj621-038 sj621-044 sj621-046 sj621-047 sj621-061 sj621-066 sj621-072 sj621-076 sj621-078 sj621-081 sj621-087 sj621-090 sj621-096 sj621-128 sj621-138 sj621-146 sj621-151 sj621-165 sj621-168 sj621-174 sj621-182 sj621-221 sj621-231 sj621-262 sj621-287 sj621-294 sj621-298 sj621-318 sj621-367 sj621-402 sj621-456 sj621-473 sj621-476 sj621-509 sj621-536 sj621-581 sj621-690 sj621-738 sj621-774 sj621-778 sj621-855 sj621-981


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