Natalie + Chris { Married | 6.14.14 }

Natalie and Chris had their wedding at the beautiful River Farm Lawn in Alexandria, VA.  Both the couple and the venue were beautiful. Capturing beautiful images was easy.  Special thanks to Ken Pak Photography for the opportunity to shoot this wedding with him.

natchris-7 natchris-15 natchris-25 natchris-29 natchris-45 natchris-59 natchris-60 natchris-69 natchris-86 natchris-111 natchris-125 natchris-131natchris-161 natchris-163 natchris-168 natchris-172 natchris-176N+C_firstlooknatchris-190 natchris-194 natchris-199 natchris-206 natchris-219 natchris-226 natchris-245 natchris-250 natchris-276 natchris-278 natchris-294 natchris-334 natchris-348 natchris-380 natchris-384 natchris-385natchris-463natchris-410natchris-459 natchris-433natchris-439natchris-474 natchris-504 natchris-525 natchris-548 natchris-561natchris-634 natchris-661 natchris-672 natchris-692 natchris-710 natchris-720 natchris-737 natchris-763 natchris-769 natchris-821 natchris-827 natchris-847 natchris-853 natchris-864 natchris-870 natchris-891 natchris-927


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